Have you been dreaming of a good sleep for a long time?

Sleep is one of the most important basic needs, so it is in everyone's interest to be able to sleep at night and work productively the next day - at work, in own business and in family.

During a crisis, many people experience stress and sleep poorly, while poor sleep causes even more stress, annoyance, impaired ability to work and, in general, a deterioration in the quality of life, living like a squirrel in a wheel.

At a time when I had already come to terms with the fact that I would only be able to sleep well with sleeping pills, I tried to buy CBD oil, which is rapidly gaining popularity right now - order now. Since then, I have not even thought about sleeping pills. When I became a dad, my sleep became fragile and it was hard to fall asleep. After the first week of using CBD oil, my sleep was tighter and I woke up more energetic in the morning, although I am not a early bird at all. This allowed me to be an adequate father and husband, to support my wife, for whom this stage of life is especially responsible, to take care of the baby and to be productive at work. CBD is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but when my wife stopped feeding the baby, she also started using it and her sleep quality improved, resulting in our relationship. Our clients who have given CBD oil have similar observations about sleep quality - most notice an improvement in sleep quality after two weeks.

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, found in the cannabis plant, can become your new "sleeping mouse", bringing you fluffy and soft dreams every night and giving you the ability to sleep undisturbed until the very morning.

You ask - what is a CBD? CBD or cannabidiol is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids found in common cannabis, also known in Latvia. CBD is not psychoactive and does not cause intoxication. It cannot be overdosed. When taking CBD, it communicates with the endocannabinoid system, which is found throughout our body, but mainly in the central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as the immune system. The endocannabinoid system regulates important body processes such as sleep, mood, temperature, immune responses, perception of pain and pleasure, memory and appetite. In the case of health problems, our endocannabinoid system releases natural cannabinoids, including CBD, to restore normal body functions, but in today's stressful daily life, our bodies are not always able to cope with the problems themselves and need help. You can find more information about CBD, references to research and its ability to improve your daily life and well-being on our blog here.

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What is the price of a good night's sleep when you wake up energetic the next day? Imagine that you finally do not have a fragile sleep, you do not have to try to fall asleep for hours and you can wake up with a smile on your face. To finally help you regain this feeling, we have prepared a very special price for you. For our natural Hempnord CBD oil it is only 20 EUR! This special offer is active only this week so hurry up! When choosing sleep enhancers offered by pharmacies, the amount spent will not be less.

If you have read this article to the end, you definitely want to improve your sleep quality. I have shared my experience with that of our clients and now it is up to you to see for yourself whether the CBD can really help you sleep better. Visit our online store and order your CBD oil, which will be delivered to you free of charge within a few days at Omniva parcel machines throughout Latvia. Good sleep has never been so available! 

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